• What is the difference between a patio and a porch?

    • What is the difference between a patio and a porch?

      January 23, 2021 | Blog | fmyrland
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      Top 10 patio area style concepts

      A great outdoor patio design can transform your outdoor home– not simply in regards to making it more visually enticing but likewise by including useful touches that guarantee it works for your lifestyle. Get it right, and it will resemble including another space to your house.

      The best garden patio area concepts for your home will depend upon the shapes and size of the space you have available, but there are a boundless variety of methods to create a lovely outdoor location that you will want to hang around in.

      The first thing to do is to think of what you actually want from your patio area, then take a look at what kind of styles will integrate the practical and aesthetic aspects you require to attain your goals. Whether you have the grandest of gardens or the tiniest of spaces, it’s possible to bring attractive principles to your garden that will improve both your home and your lifestyle.

      Here are 10 of our preferred motivating patio area styles to get you started.

      1. Use patterned outdoor patio styles to stand out

      Looking to indulge your creative style? There are a lot of ways you can use it outdoors– whether it’s through appealing planting, stylish furnishings or making the most of your outdoor patio design. In the finest garden patio designs, all three of these locations must work in consistency, starting with your outdoor patio piece designs.

      If you’re wanting to develop a distinctive appearance, then take a look at our series of products for different paver patio area concepts. Doing your research will enable you to get a sense of all the various products, patterns and styles you can make use of to set a stunning and appealing foundation for your outside area.

      Explore different shapes and tones of patio stones to find an appearance that aligns with your garden furniture and planters. Take our Fairstone Riven Harena Paving Circles, for instance, which will assist create a sociable and trendy seating area with a picturesque, circular design. Across our variety, we have all sorts of patterns to suit every garden principle.

      While the key to outdoor patio design is often in the pattern, do not forget kerb stones to give your paving a cool and tidy surface.

      2. Personalise your outdoor patio design

      Personalise your patio design

      One of the fundamental features of both exterior and interior design is making your home a reflection of who you are. The designs, textures and colours you utilize in your home decoration echo your distinct personality– and your outdoor patio design ideas ought to be no different. Do not hesitate to add a bit of you to your garden, no matter how unusual or terrific it is.

      Our Drivesett Tegula Walling, Drivesett Deco and Drivesett Circle paving are the ideal combination to produce a elegant and distinctive sloping circular garden that breaks up the harmony of standard paving with an authentically timeworn, multi-coloured design. Throughout our collection, you’ll discover a range of coloured, shaped and textured products for unique outdoor patio concepts.

      Customising your space by adding quirky touches will show your personality and make the area feel a lot more in tune with your lifestyle.

      3. Use vibrant stone patio concepts to stand out

      bold stone patio

      Often it makes good sense to be bold and attempt something impressive– particularly when you have a big area to work with. You can develop sensational garden patio area styles by incorporating strong colours into a space. Make professional use of our Fairstone Limestone Aluri Riven garden paving, a natural stone offered in a deep charcoal colour or a prominent rustic ochre multi colourway, to produce a striking garden look.

      If you’re using a prominent colour as the base of your patio build, you don’t want to go overboard with other locations of your style. Be tidy and consistent with your outdoor patio edging ideas and the furniture and planting you use to match the space.

      4. Produce a natural patio area

      natural patio

      Natural products include regularly in incredible outdoor patio concepts UK-wide. Natural stone paving might be the perfect option for your patio if you like the appearance and feel of organic designs. AGPaving natural stone paving comes in a variety of different designs and sizes, including limestone, slate, granite and fairly sourced Indian sandstone.

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      The buttery colours going through our Fairstone Sawn Versuro Linear paving are a fantastic example of how natural stone paving can be used to specify essential sections, such as seating areas. Whatever style of natural stone paving you choose, it’s ensured to bring a warm and inviting feel to any sort of garden design, while providing a premium appearance.

      5. Introduce levels to your outdoor patio with steps

      natural patio

      Why not take your outdoor patio, quite literally, to another level? Integrating steps into raised patio designs has actually constantly used both aesthetic and useful benefits.

      Searching for patio area actions ideas and inspiration? Attempt our Fairstone Sawn Versuro steps, perfect for including a touch of handcrafted elegance to your property. Available in Golden Sand, Antique Silver, Caramel Cream and Fall Bronze, their tidy and natural design is combined with an useful non-slip finish. For a more striking and modern look, attempt our Casarta slate garden steps, crafted from high-quality, dark Brazilian slate. Despite which design you choose, steps will allow you to create a new dynamic to your patio.

      6. Think about circular patio concepts

      circular patio ideas

      Depending on the style of your garden and the area you have actually got to have fun with, a rounded patio can provide a spectacular centerpiece. A circular design produces the opportunity for a natural centrepiece, be it a barbecue location or vintage fire pit, which you can surround with furniture and planters accordingly. Think a curved rattan couch, maybe, or a main rounded garden table to blend effortlessly into the garden visual.

      Our Indian Sandstone Circles provide an excellent worth, natural stone circular feature which will give your garden design that wow element to make it stick out from the crowd. Circular designs can combine wonderfully with straight lines also– for instance, you can utilize our Fairstone Setts to offer a gorgeous contrast framing.

      7. Produce atmosphere with patio area lighting

      patio lighting

      Lighting can truly transform your outside space– but as with any garden fixture or accessory, there’s no one-size-fits-all method. A great deal of patio area wall ideas include quality lighting arrangements which are perfect for developing a climatic and intimate setting when the sun decreases, or for adding a sense of drama by emphasising the shadows and natural shapes of your garden design.

      Lighting up actions and paths is both practical and quite, with spotlights enabling you to focus light wherever you desire it to produce the desired effect. Take this various Fairstone Riven paving design, with the circular centrepiece including border floor lighting. Choose low-energy LEDs as a resourceful but durable choice, or perhaps integrate solar-powered torches to increase your area’s after-dark appeal.

      8. Use wood as a main outdoor patio style function

      patio design feature

      Using a wood look as a main function of your design brings an eye-catchingly natural, earthy feel to your outdoor patio. It’s versatile, too, and will enhance any location of a garden, from an outside dining space to pathways. Nevertheless, as far as paver patio ideas go, real wood flooring is not a durable solution, with wood extremely vulnerable to warping, decaying and degradation.

      Enter our Symphony Vitrified Plank Paving, offered in the similarity Birch, Cherry and Char. Vitrified plank paving recreates all the visual advantages of wood without the durability issues. Perfect for creating beautiful styles, and offering an ultra-contemporary edge to cost-effective, hard-wearing stone, the Symphony variety provides a low upkeep solution for those wanting to set up a wood-feature outdoor patio.

      Plank paving can also make areas seem bigger– an optical impression produced by the thin and long strips if you’re brief on space. Providing excellent anti-slip efficiency, this brand-new series of faux-wood outdoor patio slab ideas is making the wood appearance as practical as it is attractive to take a look at.

      9. Keep in mind less is more: little outdoor patio concepts

      small patio ideas

      You do not have to live in a castle to bring a stunning garden style to your home. Small patio garden ideas needn’t be small in stature so, even if your residential or commercial property is little, there are methods to make your small patch of green space fit for a king.

      With small yard outdoor patio concepts, it is necessary you optimise every corner of your garden. Easy but stylish, our Fairstone Walling offers you the chance to differ height throughout the garden design and produce sections within your patio area– from here you can aim to create a stunning central centerpiece or integrate furniture to diversify your layout.

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      Concentrate on picking the right style and size of items to fit your design, from smaller sized planters to adaptable corner furnishings, and you can take advantage of the space you have.

      10. Type a hybrid patio area

      hybrid patio

      Don’t fret– you may not have to if you’re finding it hard to select in between all these choices. Integrating a couple or more of the different design concepts listed above can offer you the very best of all worlds and produce a garden patio area that’s a personalised patchwork of every pattern and material you enjoy. Most patio designs will include at least a couple of fundamental designs, from multi-level patterning to natural and strong contrast paving.

      Maybe you expensive a brickwork border to surround your concrete paving pieces, however you also desire a rounded design that makes your barbecue location a centerpiece? On top of that, how about a mosaic-style outdoor patio floor? Thanks to our large range of our premium Fairstone items, you can achieve all of these patio concepts within one style, while always maintaining a top quality and practical build.

      And do not forget …

      Planting can make a substantial distinction to your outside appeal and ought to form part of your outdoor patio preparation. Consider the vivid colours used by caladiums, heuchera and hyacinth bean vine in your patio area planter ideas to help break up your scheme and offer you refreshing flora throughout the year.

      Buying a beautiful outdoor patio design can offer your garden lasting quality. You’ll return the structure time in all the lower upkeep you’ll benefit from in the long run, not to mention the numerous hours you will spend enjoying it.

      If you’re searching for some pattern-based patio concepts, you can discover useful downloadable guides to our most popular garden patio area paving patterns here:

      Download our guide to the most popular garden patio paving patterns and see for yourself how a little patio doesn’t have to suggest a small sense of character.

      When it comes to stone limestone, sandstone and paving are the two most popular alternatives on the marketplace. They’re often the choices compared by anybody thinking about starting a brand-new driveway, garden or outdoor patio project, however it can be tough to decide which would be the much better option.

      What are the distinctions between limestone and sandstone paving? Plus, we have actually created a handy contrast table which compares them side-by-side so you can pick the finest option for your garden.


      Both limestone and sandstone rating well in this classification. Weather conditions in the UK are notoriously diverse, so any stone paving must endure all weathers. Fortunately, both limestone and sandstone typically tend to soak up very little quantities of water, meaning they are ideal for all outdoor areas, particularly if you live in a location of the nation susceptible to rain.

      One small difference in between the two stones is that lighter tones of sandstone are somewhat more permeable than darker colours. Because these lighter variations take in a little bit more water, they may need additional cleansing or sealant application, although the distinction is minimal.

      Both can stand up to hard weathering, and all our limestone and sandstone paving is guaranteed for 12 months, so in the unlikely occasion of any problems, you’re covered.

      Winner: Limestone

      An extremely tight round, however limestone edges to the front. As lighter-coloured sandstone absorbs somewhat more water, you might see a subtle difference. It’s not likely to affect the stone too much, and if visual appeals are what you’re after, sandstone is a terrific choice too.


      Limestone is consistent in colour and comes in some choose colour choices, normally buff-grey, blue-grey and blue-black. Options like the striking premium grade paving Fairstone Limestone Aluri Riven be available in these darker colours with natural veining, providing you some outstanding options, whatever garden style you have actually planned.

      Sandstone likewise offers a big selection of designs and colours. At AGPaving, we provide ten sandstone alternatives, from the subtle blends of Fairstone Sawn Versuro Sandstone( readily available in four colours including Caramel Cream and Antique Silver) to the tessellated Riven Harena Kaleidoscope, a mosaic-style paving with a range of laying patterns.

      When selecting limestone, sandstone or any other natural stone paving, it’s advisable to check ahead of time what the stones’ look will be when wet. Frequently neglected, it’s an important question to ask, as rain and wear can change the colour of stone paving.

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      Winner: Sandstone

      In the design department, the comprehensive combination and series of sandstone styles outscores limestone for option with its sheer range.


      When it comes to limestone, texture and sandstone are rather different. Limestone tends to be flatter and smoother, with less ridges in its finish. This even end up suggests it’s ideal for driveways and likewise lots of indoor functions too. Limestone’s natural attributes offer it an orange-peel texture, and some options boast a natural split surface area texture too.

      Sandstone on the other hand is slightly more uneven, with a rippled texture. With a sawn finish, it’s a more contemporary option compared to limestone. Sandblasted alternatives like the fine grained Fairstone Sawn Versuro Linear paving offer a grittier feel for included slip resistance.

      Each kind of stone can be adapted to fit the design you’re opting for. The gently brushed Fairstone Flamed Narias Paving is a sleeker, more modern-day choice, and its textured surface area contributes to the vibrancy of its colour.

      Winner: Sandstone

      Sandstone gets the upper hand, with a wealth of textural choices readily available. Whatever style you seek, from contemporary and smooth to a rougher Mediterranean appearance, sandstone is a great choice.


      Both limestone and sandstone can be easily cut into different shapes and sizes and adapted to harmonize any style or garden task, making this a difficult category to rating.

      When it comes to versatility of sandstone, usage and limestone are both great choices– their strength, sturdiness and variety of surfaces and colours suggest they can adapt to nearly any style of garden.

      Sandstone makes wonderful patio and garden path paving for any residential or commercial property type, conventional or contemporary.

      Limestone on the other hand appropriates for a whole host of areas, both internally and externally. Driveways, gardens, patio areas, pathways, stepping stones and interior flooring, the list might go on.

      Winner: It’s a tie

      It’s too close to call in this last round, with both being versatile in their own special ways. Sandstone has an unrivalled variety of finishes and colours. Whereas limestone is similarly unequaled with its outside and interior applications.


      In the battle of limestone vs sandstone paving, sandstone has handled to pave its method to success. With the huge choice of colours, surfaces, products and textures on offer, we feel it’s a worthwhile champ.

      However, an honourable reference must go to the resilient limestone, which ought to absolutely be thought about by those looking for hard-wearing paving in their garden.

      Whichever paving choice you make depends upon your own preferences, residential or commercial property type, task and wanted finish. To assist you make an informed decision, check out our comparison table listed below, which matches the different qualities of limestone and sandstone.

      Why not find more about our extensive limestone and sandstone paving varieties? We equip a big selection of both alternatives in addition to an entire host of garden paving products, suitable for any home type and project.

      In the best garden outdoor patio styles, all 3 of these locations must work in consistency, starting with your patio area slab designs.

      Explore different shapes and tones of outdoor patio stones to find an appearance that aligns with your garden furnishings and planters. You can develop spectacular garden patio designs by integrating strong colours into a space. Little outdoor patio garden concepts needn’t be small in stature so, even if your property is little, there are ways to make your small spot of green area fit for a king. Combining a couple or more of the different style concepts noted above can give you the finest of all worlds and produce a garden patio that’s a customised patchwork of every pattern and material you love.

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      A patio (, from Spanish: patio [ˈpatjo]; “courtyard”, “forecourt”, “yard”) is an outdoor sky generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a dwelling and is typically paved. In Australia the term is expanded to count up roofed structures such as a veranda, which provides auspices from sun and rain.

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