• An Straightforward Way to Grout Stone Cobbles

    • An Straightforward Way to Grout Stone Cobbles

      February 4, 2022 | Blog | fmyrland
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      Stone cobbles are a single of the most beautiful products to use in paving. Completed appropriately they have a European magnificence and robustness which is hard to match.

      Cobbles occur in quite a few kinds of content, which include granite, porphyry and even concrete. They can be laid on a sand foundation if they are at the very least 60mm thick and grouted with gravel, sand, tar or mortar. For the best benefits however they should be glued onto a concrete slab and this report discusses this course of action.

      Cobbles can be ordered either as individual stones or previously glued in a sample to a mesh backing. The mesh backing permits a lot quicker laying while they are not often exact and, if glued to a steep concrete floor, the mesh inhibits fantastic glue speak to amongst the stone and the concrete and is not advisable for motor vehicle visitors. On amount surfaces there is no dilemma with working with the mats.

      Once stones are glued, grouting can start the next working day. Grout can be a uncomplicated sand/cement mix with an oxide additional for color if desired or a premixed colored grout. The premixed grout is additional high priced but significantly less labour-intense and is much more regular in colour and hardness.

      The Issue:

      Ordinarily grout is distribute into the 10mm gaps applying a rubber squeegee or by hand and cleaned with a sponge and h2o when the grout has partly healed. More than a large spot this sort of as a driveway this is a extremely gradual and wearisome approach. Granite cobbles have a rough surface which is difficult to wipe thoroughly clean and conveniently absorbs cement, which can depart stains. These can afterwards be cleaned with hydrochloric acid but this calls for appreciable time and operates the hazard of staining the grout.

      Alternatively, the stone can be sealed before grouting with a excellent quality penetrating stone sealant. This will prevent staining. However, considering that the cobbles want to be clean up and dry prior to sealing, on substantial career this is not often functional.

      The Solution:

      Confronted with these troubles, I was certain that if I could use an extrusion technique these kinds of as a huge grouting gun to pressure mortar into the gaps I could slash the time on this portion of the job considerably.

      Some investigation revealed ‘The Pointmaster’, a incredibly very simple machine consisting of a PVC cylinder with a replaceable, stainless steel nozzle and a hand plunger. The Pointmaster was built primarily for pointing old brick perform but it proved to be a magic tool for grouting cobble.

      Utilizing premixed mortar, fill the cylinder. Using treatment to not spill any, location the nozzle in a gap and gradually squeeze grout out. It takes some practise (and a solid back again) to get a smooth flow.

      If you fill gaps to close to the prime then enable the mortar established for about 3 several hours. It can be smoothed down as low as you want to enable the stone to stand higher. For smoothing I use bolts of many measurements or even sticks. It’s a very simple and rather gratifying course of action and generates and great consequence.


      1.You should not consider to sleek the mortar far too early or it will be slow and messy. Neither ought to you depart it set till the up coming working day or it will be extremely tricky to perform. What will work most effective is if you grout in the morning, leave it to established and smooth in late afternoon.
      2.While they are noisy and irritating, a leaf blower is the best thing for clearing gaps in the stone in advance of grouting and for getting rid of debris when the grout is smoothed down.

      Delighted grouting!


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