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      From outside, a gravel driveway appears to be very simple and plain. Just make the ground flat, spread some fine gravel on the surface, and that’s it, your gravel driveway is ready! However, there's more to this apparently ordinary pavement setting than meets the eye.

      Gravel driveways and paving driveways can be found in every nook and corner of Northampton. Not only are they affordable, attractive and easy to maintain, but also offers you a wide range of flexibility, in terms of colours and designs of graveling. The homeowners get to enjoy myriad choices in colour and overall design, so if you are one of them and looking for the least expensive driveway option then you are at the right place.

      AG Paving is the name that is behind developing high quality driveways throughout Northampton and its neighbouring areas. Our gravel driveway contractors take pride in offering 100% quality and reasonable price guarantee on all gravel driveway installation projects. As a part of landscaping projects, driveways should be something that is beautiful and not garish or ugly. Driveways have to simply blend in with the entire outside environment and stand tall through the test of time. So, we will lend a helping hand right to you right from the start till the completion of the project. We will guide you thoroughly and help you choose the perfect driveway surface that will be both high on functionality and looks.

      Some of the most common advantages of installing a gravel driveway Northampton are:

      • Most inexpensive kind of driveway installations
      • No or minimum maintenance requirement
      • Use of driveway even during construction
      • Can be transformed into asphalt easily

      Gravel bonded driveways can be constructed within the shortest period of time without disrupting the use of the driveway. Superior installations can be conducted by our driveway experts, who also need to work out precise drainage planning to minimise the need for regular maintenance as much as possible. With their skill and expertise, they can construct and install a new gravel driveway over a period of 1-3 days, subject to the size and scope of work. The installation procedure is more or less simple and can be carried out with hi-tech grading equipment along with front end loaders. This will minimise disruption to daily routine activities of people living in the house, in fact, the disruption of daily life will be so less that you can drive your vehicle over the driveway even though the construction is yet to finish!

      If you already have a gravel driveway and it has started showing diverse signs of deterioration and age, then AG Paving is there to address the issue right away. From repairing to installing a new graving driveway, our gravel driveway installers are proficient enough to cover all aspects of paving driveway projects right from inception to completion. An immaculately well-designed driveway, garden or patio will definitely bring in an integral change to the entire exterior of your home, so choose from a variety of driveway designs - contemporary, traditional or modern and make your home look distinct, demure and decorative.

      For more detailed study and analysis, feel free to contact our driveway representatives. 

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